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Kaizen is a methodical approach that systematically seeks continuous improvement by means of small, incremental changes; improving efficiency and quality.

What was your Resolution for this year?

  • To be a sought after wellness practitioner?

  • To be proficient and an expert in Functional Medicine?

  • To have your patients understand your treatment program?

Then the Clinical Mentorship Subscription is for you!

Discover the benefits and what is included!



With 75 hours of Functional Medicine Instruction!


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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy
with Health Kaizen

Feeding Your Hunger for Clinical Knowledge

Our Mission:

Educate, Equip, and Empower Clinicians to Mitigate Chronic Disease and Optimize Health!

"Optimizing Health"

What is included?

  • Free eBook – Optimizing Health.

  • Invitations to Clinical Rounds, Tuesday evenings @ 7 pm EST.

  • Weekly emails with updates and upcoming seminars.

  • View past webinars 'On Demand" @ $55 each.

  • Attend live online "Health Shogun" seminars @ $55 each.


  • Stay informed with the latest clinical and healthcare news and trends.

  • "Essential Patient Guide" for your patients on Optimizing Health to help patient cooperation with your treatment recommendations.

  • 24/7 Access to free website material.


"Clinical Mentorship" Program

What is Included?

  • All the benefits of "Optimizing Health" included in your subscription for no extra charge.



  • Without A Doubt: Transformed Weight Loss Program

    • (check out the Without A Doubt page for details)

  • 6+ All-Day or Half-Day Seminars:

  • 9 ½ hours of Blood Chemistry

  • A Systematic Approach to Chronic Disease

  • Methylation Parts 1 & 2

  • In-Office Lab Tests...

  • Performing a Wow! Examination

  • 40 hours of step-by-step simplified yet concentrated instruction on how to begin, improve or expand your functional medicine practice

  • Practitioner forms and procedures

  • Patient education videos

  • One-on-one's with Dr. Peterson.

  • Attend live online "Health Shogun" seminars for FREE!


  • Step-by-step instruction

  • Tools for your practice

  • One-on-one assistance.

  • Improved patient/client outcomes!

  • Stay informed with the latest clinical and healthcare news and trends.

  • "Essential Patient Guide" for your patients on Optimizing Health to help patient cooperation with your treatment recommendations.

  • 24/7 Access to pre-recorded material.

All of this for just


In this section you will find both live-stream and previously recorded on-demand seminars from Dr. Peterson and others.



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Clinical Mentorship

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Welcome to Health Kaizen 

an extension of

Dr. Gregory Peterson, LLC

Health Kaizen exists to educate, equip, and empower health practitioners in gaining the confidence to impart rational treatment protocols for the patients they have the privilege of serving. We partner with like-minded health practitioners to further the cause of natural healthcare by empowering patients on their journey of regaining and maintaining Optimal Health.

As a representative and clinical consultant for a major national nutraceutical company, I have learned that most companies are formulating and reformulating products to meet the current “fashion” just to move product. But, the basics of regaining and maintaining Optimal Health have not changed. They are the same as they were 50 or more years ago. These basics include removal of whatever interferes with health and correction of nutritional deficiencies.


​This website is about time-tested and proven methods! Health Kaizen provides you and your patients/clients with rational, scientific, and clinical information. This enables the understanding of what Optimal Health requires: knowledge and a sincere commitment!

At Health Kaizen, we passionately pursue the optimization of health from the inside out by digging for the root issue and finding balance in the body. It is not about perfection but about making progress the Kaizen Way, by continuous incremental improvements towards optimizing health.​

In health,

Dr. Gregory W.    Peterson

Meet the Doctor

 Dr. Gregory Peterson 

My goal is to inform, educate, and assist both the practitioner and patient in living the highest quality of life available to them. 


I am national speaker who has shared the podium with some of the best clinicians and teachers. I bring 35 years of clinical experience to the table, most of it spent treating chronic diseases and restoring wellness.

To be granted the opportunity to help individuals achieve better health is both an honor and privilege. My approach is always based on the most current scientific, clinical, evidence-based research, and peer-reviewed literature. I read both sides of the issues and will bring you the most rational solutions.

As clinicians and patients, we are always tempted by the lure of the latest and greatest pill, potion, or lotion, yet they are a mirage. True health occurs by utilizing the time-tested methods of restoring balance through elimination of toxins and correcting nutritional deficiencies. I look forward to sharing these time-tested methods with you.

-Dr. Gregory W. Peterson, DC, DABCI, CCST, FIAMA, FIACA

Dr. Gregory Peterson

"We are on a mission to help those with chronic illness regain, maintain, and enhance the quality of their lives for this generation as well as those to come: safely, effectively and naturally."

- Dr. Gregory W. Peterson, DC, DABCI, CCST, FIAMA

A patient, as well as a doctor, who has gone through the program...

Dr. Les

Meet Dr. Les


Keep Up With Current Topics

With The Essential
Patient Guide to Optimizing Health.

Getting your patients' to understand

what it takes to be healthy

does not need to be time-consuming and frustrating any longer.

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Patient’s Treatment Outcomes?

Get My Patient Guidebook

“Optimizing Health – What You Need to Know.”

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Download the Patient Guidebook


Help your Patients Understand

How They Can Improve your Treatment Protocols.

  • The guidebook is ready for you to print and handout to your patients and clients.

  • It will explain what eating healthy looks like.

  • It explains why some foods and lifestyle habits are detrimental to their health.


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