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A Walk on the Beach

Tropical Beach

A new 3 – 5-minute podcast will be available bi-weekly. I will cover current events as they affect us as healthcare practitioners, topics of interest and just plain thoughts that I have had regarding your journey. I am going to start the podcasts by covering the most common conditions we encounter.

Future Topics:

1. Epigenesis
2. Inflammation
3. Reactive Oxygen Species/free radicals
4. Mitochondrial dysfunction
5. Weight loss - Transformed
6. Microbiome
7. Stress
8. Stealth infections
9. Fatigue
10. Hypertension
11. Erectile dysfunction/low libido
12. Female hormones

13. Cholesterol
14. Depression/anxiety
15. Varicose veins
16. Allergies
17. Insomnia
18. Indigestion, GERD
19. Eyes (general support)
20. Hair loss
21. Burns, Sunburn and sunburn protection
22. Fibromyalgia Pain
23. Gout Anemia
24. Elevated ferritin

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