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Become a “Health Shogun”
with 75-hours of
Functional Medicine Instruction!

A Series Focusing on

Mitigating Chronic Disease and Optimizing Health


The aim of the Shogun Seminar Series is to Educate, Equip, and Empower Practitioners with Knowledge needed to feel Confident approaching whatever condition presents in their client/patient, and to help them obtain Optimal Health. Complete health restoration may not be possible, but there are still options for you and your client/patient!


You will learn how to identify, assess and treat Functional Nutritional Deficiencies

Safely, Effectively and Naturally


6 Key Questions:

  1. Is the patient’s condition from a toxin or germ?

  2. How do we know the patient has a deficiency?

  3. Will a particular nutrient help the condition?

  4. Is the condition corrected to Optimal level?

  5. Is the offending mechanism removed?

  6. When is the deficiency corrected?


Journey into Effective Functional Medicine Examinations,

Procedures and Recommendations


Each seminar is approximately 5 hours long and includes printable notes and handouts as well as unlimited access to a recorded copy. Registration for each seminar in the Health Shogun Series is $55 per session. However, when you become a paid "Clinical Mentorship" subscriber, these seminars are free and are included in your subscription. 


Without A Doubt 

A "Without A Doubt" subscription consists 24/7 access to a total of six or more pre-recorded all-day or half-day seminars, my free eBook "Optimizing Health," my blogs, and live clinical rounds to help you learn and grow. For live interaction, join clinical rounds every Tuesday evening at 7 pm (EST). To attend a live online Health Shogun seminar, you can pick and choose your topic and register for that individual seminar for only $55.



Clinical Mentorship 

A Clinical Mentorship subscription is intended to walk you through everything you need for your practice. It is a step-by-step video series. Plus you get all the benefits of the “Without A Doubt” subscription and free access to all live Health Shogun seminar events.

*The Health Shogun Series was birthed from the Clinical Mentorship Program and may reflect some of the same goals and basic material. As is the nature of our field, we are constantly changing and updating our programs with new information.


  • Shogun Series:  Part 2
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    Oct 09, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Transformed – A Scientifically Backed Weight Loss and Management Program Designed to help individuals with Intentional Lifestyle Living.

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