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Natural Spring

A Unique Philosophy…

A Unique Program…

Providing Unique Solutions for Your Unique Practice!

Health Kaizen exists to

Educate, Equip, and Empower Clinicians

to Mitigate Chronic Disease and Optimize Health!

"Kaizen" is a methodical approach that systematically seeks continuous improvement by means of small, incremental changes; improving efficiency and quality.

Health Kaizen is on a mission:

to improve the health of individuals and their families

to help those with chronic illness regain and maintain their health 

to enhance the quality of life for this and future generations

–-- Safely, Effectively and Naturally.


Health Kaizen is designed to properly educate and navigate health practitioners through the steps necessary to Mitigate Disease and Optimize Health. We are a private community where we can grow and learn with other like-minded healthcare professionals.

Dr. Peterson will share his 35+ years of experience as a practitioner and concurrent 12+ years as a nutraceutical representative for a major nutrition company. He is an experienced national seminar and webinar speaker who developed Health Kaizen to educate health practitioners by sharing his knowledge as well as the latest research in nutrition, clinical, and wellness care.

Use this tool to learn at your convenience 24/7 without costly traveling expenses.



Subscribers will have access to the educational material with a paid subscription.

Non-subscribers will have access to free information and the ability to participate in weekly discussions.

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