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Meet the Doctor.
Dr. Gregory Peterson.

Welcome to Health Kaizen an extension of

Dr. Gregory Peterson, LLC

I bring 35+ years as a Wellness practitioner to the table. I have had the opportunity to work with world-class athletes as well as world-class families mitigating chronic disease and Optimizing Health. Full restoration is not always possible but improvement is in most cases. It is not about perfection, but about making progress the Kaizen Way; methodical, continuous incremental improvements towards Optimizing Health.​

As clinicians, we are tempted by the lure of the latest and greatest miracle pill, potion, or lotion, yet they are a mirage. True health occurs by utilizing the time-tested methods of restoring balance through elimination of toxins and correcting nutritional deficiencies. I look forward to sharing these time-tested methods with you.

To be granted the opportunity to help individuals achieve better health is both an honor and privilege. My approach is always based on the most current scientific, clinical, evidence-based research, and peer-reviewed literature. I read both sides of the issues and will share with you the most rational clinical solutions.

As a former (retired) nutraceutical rep and clinical consultant for a major national nutraceutical company for 13 years, I have had the opportunity to aid clinicians in their journey to improve clinical skills as well as clinical outcomes. I have learned that most companies are formulating and reformulating products to meet the current “fashion” just to move product. It’s ALWAYS back to the Basics that improves health.

As a national speaker I have had the privilege of sharing the podium with some of the best clinicians and teachers. Not only have I had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of clinicians, but I have also had the opportunity to Learn from hundreds of clinicians as well!

The basics of regaining and maintaining Optimal Health have not changed. They are the same as they were 50 or more years ago. These basics include removal of whatever interferes with health and correction of nutritional deficiencies; restoring Balance!


Health Kaizen exists to educate, equip, and empower health practitioners in gaining the confidence to impart rational treatment protocols for the patients they have the privilege of serving. We partner with like-minded health practitioners to further the cause of natural healthcare by empowering patients on their journey of regaining and maintaining Optimal Health.

This website is about time-tested and proven methods! Health Kaizen provides you with rational, scientific, and clinical information. This enables the understanding of what Optimal Health requires: knowledge and a sincere commitment! Let me guide you on that journey!

In health,
Dr. Gregory W. Peterson, DC, DABCI, CCST, FIAMA, FIACA

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