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"Clinical Mentorship" Program

  • How do we know if the patient may have a deficiency?……… Without A Doubt!

  • Does the patient’s condition involve a toxin or germ?……… Without A Doubt!

  • Will a particular nutrient help their condition?………….. Without A Doubt!

  • Is the condition corrected to Optimal level?….…… Without A Doubt!

  • Is the offending mechanism removed?.............. Without A Doubt!

  • When is the CAUSE corrected?....……… Without A Doubt!

The aim of this Workshop is how to identify, assess and treat Chronic Degenerative Diseases, Correcting Biochemical, Functional and Metabolic Health Issues –

Effectively, Safely, and Naturally!..
~ Without A Doubt! ~

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Clinical Mentorship Program Includes: 

  • Attend live online "Health Shogun" seminars for FREE!

  • Practitioner forms and procedures.

  • A Systematic Approach to Chronic Disease.

  • Without A Doubt: Transformed – Turnkey Weight Loss Program.

  • Access to ALL Shogun Series for one year.

  • 15+ All-Day or Half-Day Seminars.

  • Links to patient education videos.​

Chart & Stethoscope
Chart & Stethoscope

Benefits -

  • Improved patient/client outcomes!

  • Stay informed with the latest clinical and healthcare news and trends.

  • "Essential Patient Guide" for your patients on Optimizing Health to help patient cooperation with your treatment recommendations.

  • 24/7 Access to pre-recorded material.

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What Videos Are Currently Available?

All Shogun Series webinars; past, present, and future.

Current Patient Videos:
You can send the link to them, saving you precious office time!

  1. Transformed – The Kaizen Way – Patient version (1:21)

  2. What it Takes to Age Gracefully (1:01)

  3. What’s Bugging You? Unraveling the Microbiome Confusion (1:01)

  4. Do You Have the Guts to be Healthy? (:45)

  5. Optimizing Your Immune System (59)

  6. Food for Thought, More than a Gut Feeling. (55)

  7. Carbohydrates, What are They? (19)

  8. Protein , Tell Me More. (19)

Current Non-Shogun Videos:
You have access to:

  1. Chronic Disease, Thinking Outside the Box – Dr. Peterson (10:31)

Completed Shogun Series Modules:

You have access to all of the completed modules of the current Shogun Series to watch 24/7 – 365. The original syllabus called for 15 modules which would have been completed in November 2022, however I was asked to add a module on the use of glandulars and expanded information on vitamins and minerals and what they primarily influence. So, Part
16 will be December 10, 2022.

Original Clinical Membership Program (2 weekends):

Recorded 10/19 in Chicago

All of this for just



"Dr. Greg Peterson's program has been a tremendous help to me personally after suffering for 13 1/2 years with serious insomnia and six years of serious anxiety. After receiving his training in July/August 2019, I set up my laboratory in my office to replicate his success with my patients.

In these past four months, I have had 14 patients go through Dr. Peterson's program and EVERY patient has had success/satisfaction at some level. All 14 patients have had failure with other functional medicine doctors and medical doctors.


Dr. Peterson's program is not difficult to apply. His compassion to help is authentic and his willingness to help me negotiate the biochemistry complexities is appreciated. He genuinely wants to help doctors solve their patients health issues and he is very GOOD at it.

Thank you Dr. Peterson."

Dr. Leslie R. Quiram /Chiropractic Physician

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