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"Without A Doubt"

Included with your Clinical Membership

Without A Doubt - Learn
food nutrition

Be... Knowledgeable
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Be... "Without A Doubt"

Transformed: Keys to Successful Weight Loss

A 4-hour training in weight loss explaining lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthy weight. This series contains a 2.5-hour video for practitioners and a 1-hour video for educating your patients. Transformed™ is not another fad diet or weight loss program seeking celebrity endorsement. It is part of the Health Kaizen Life program designed to optimize health through comprehensive Intentional Lifestyle Living. For many, this is the first step on their journey to Optimal Health.

Chronic Disease: Thinking Outside the Box

A 9-hour video explaining a systematic approach to chronic disease.

Integrative Blood Chemistry

10-hours of functional blood chemistry presented by the "Godfather" of functional medicine, Harry O. Eidenier, Jr., who is responsible for establishing "Homeostatic or Functional" values in evaluating blood chemistry.


Methylation Parts 1 & 2: Research has shown that “Genetics” plays less than a 10% role in the development of cancer and other chronic diseases, so why the rapid increase in cases and severity?  In this section, focus will be on Methylation and how to properly utilize the principles involved with Epigenesis to benefit those suffering from chronic diseases. Methylation is a vital metabolic process that occurs in every organ and every cell, billions of times per second. Life simply could not exist without it! 

In-Office Lab Tests and Other Useful Procedures: Laboratory testing is an important part of what we do. However, many of the indices measured on a standard blood test can be dramatically improved by correcting the basic biochemical, physiological, and metabolic parameters. You will learn to confidently determine nutritional protocols by utilizing cost-effective, reliable, useful, and easy to use In-Office Laboratory testing and procedures. The bottom line is they are cost-effective, easy, reliable, and provide vital information.

Performing a Wow! Examination Virtually: What are the essentials of good history? Where to begin and why you should begin there. A Cornell University study documented that 83% of their nurses could arrive at a correct diagnosis with a good history alone. We will look at histories as they pertain to specific conditions. We will also look at Dr. Chapman’s work, an osteopath who spent years studying hospital patients and correlating their illnesses to specific body points. We will look at how these points can aid in narrowing down a diagnosis and choosing nutrition that will benefit the patient.

The educational material above is available through the "Clinical Mentorship" subscriber portal 24/7

Complete with downloadable powerpoint presentations and notes.

"Without A Doubt" Seminars

Pre-recorded Ongoing Seminars

Live Ongoing Seminars

Health Shogun Series

The upcoming "Health Shogun Series" is a monthly, 15-part live seminar series streamed online through zoom, Each seminar is slated for 5 hours packed full of information on the following topics:

  1. An Overview of a Holistic/Wellness Clinic

  2. Transformed - A Scientifically Backed Weight Loss and Management Program

  3. Epigenesis - Improving Genetic Expression

  4. Utilizing In-Office Saliva and Urine Tests

  5. Performing a "Wow" History and Examination then Developing Protocols

  6. Assessing, Evaluating and Treatment of the Microbiome and Digestive System

  7. Taking Control of Blood Sugar Dysfunction and Environmental Toxins

  8. Stress, Adrenals, Thyroid and Adrenal/Thyroid Connection

  9. Cardiovascular System and Lymphatic System

  10. Male/Female Hormones and Dysfunction and Circadian Rhythms

  11. Understanding the Immune System

  12. Identifying and Handling of Neurotransmitter and Miscellaneous Endocrine

  13. Overview of some of the more common blood chemistry findings

  14. Getting a Handle on Musculoskeletal Problems and Revisit Areas of Question

  15. Putting it All Together - Handling of Chronic Disease​


*The Health Shogun Series is a specialized series that will update the Clinical Mentorship Program. These seminars are available for $55 per seminar to those with a "Without A Doubt" subscription, or you can upgrade to the Clinical Mentorship Subscription for only $495. 

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$55 each

The Whole Series is Available for Free
with a membership to the
Clinical Mentorship Program

Patient Videos

Your "Without A Doubt" subscription gives you access to videos you can send directly to your patients.​ Once subscribed, you will get a link sent to you with access to these videos.


Educational presentations - Approximately ​45 minutes with downloadable notes.​ Topics will include: Autoimmunity, Eating healthy, ADD/ADHD, and Chronic diseases.



These are patient FAQs in 4-6 minute video shorts that aid you in managing your patients without taking office time to explain. These include "What to expect on your first visit", "Why do I need to take supplements?", "Fake food", "How did I get to this condition?", "Traditional Healthcare vs. Functional", "Why store-bought supplements are generally not worth the money", "Reading labels – food and supplements", "Why lab testing?".

Clinical Rounds
Current Topics and Case Discussions
Every Tuesday Evening at 7:00 pm (EST)
Access to ongoing education
through blogs and resources.

This is Your Opportunity to Gain More Knowledge....
This is Your Opportunity to Gain More Confidence....
to tackle Chronic Diseases.

Without A Doubt is included with the Clinical Membership.

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