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Healthcare Practitioner Portal – “Without A Doubt”
With paid subscription. The information is available 24/7. (Additionally, with your paid monthly subscription) your patients will be able to receive abundant and relevant information 24/7 so that they can better participate in their recovery.

Monthly 3 – 4 hour Without A Doubt (WAD) seminars – live and recorded 

  • There will be a new topic covered every month! These will be coordinated with National Conditions of the month and patient topics will be coordinated. What a great topic/condition of the month for your clinic!
  • Topics to be covered:

    • 4 hours of practitioner training for the Transformed program

    • Male and Female Hormones

    • Stress

    • Thyroid 

    • Neurotransmitters 

    • Immune System Dysfunction

      • Autoimmune

      • Allergies

      • Cancer​

    • A new topic every month! 

  • PowerPoint download of notes

  • Printable handouts when applicable

  • Access to articles in Adobe, Open Access articles will be downloadable.

  • Full Day Seminars: live and recorded.

    •  Blood Chemistry – 10 hours of Functional Blood Chemistry taught by the “Godfather” of functional medicine, Dr. Harry O. Eidenier, Jr.

    • A Systematic Approach to Chronic Disease-an all-day seminar I did in Chicago.

  • Presentations from other practitioners – live and recorded.

Healthcare Practitioner Plan "Without A Doubt"

    The Essential Patient Guide to Optimizing Health.

    Having your patients understand what it takes to be Healthy does not need to be time-consuming and frustrating any longer.

    Get my Patient Guidebook to “Optimizing Health – What You Need to Know.”
    Ready to Supercharge Your Patient’s Treatment Outcomes?

    Download the Guidebook and Help your Patients Understand How They Can Improve your Treatment Protocols.
    • The guidebook is ready for you to print and handout to your patients and clients.

    • It will explain what eating healthy looks like.

    • It explains why some foods and lifestyle habits are detrimental to their health.

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