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Welcome to Health Kaizen

Terms & Conditions

I take pleasure and I am proud to provide the most recent and accurate research, literature citations and clinical outcomes. I read both sides of an opinion or concept to provide you with the best clinically relevant interpretation.

The information contained on this website has not been reviewed or evaluated by the FDA and/or its affiliates. It is not offered or intended to be interpreted as medical advice; it is solely for educational purposes.

Any recommended dosages are for adults. I recommend that you consult with a professionally trained practitioner before beginning any protocols. 


Before reducing or discontinuing any prescription medication be sure to consult with the prescribing practitioner!

Before beginning or changing your nutritional protocols consult with your Wellness practitioner to see if the changes are appropriate for you!

Green Goodness
Wishing does not get you to your destination, determination does!
Is not about achieving perfection, but rather about making progress!

Welcome to Health Kaizen


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - we have all heard these words before, although they are erroneously ascribed to Confucius, it was his contemporary Laozi who actually spoke these words of wisdom. This proverb teaches us that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point, something which begins with one first step. 

Perhaps you are just beginning the journey to regain and/or maintain your health, or you have been on it for a long time, either way Health Kaizen is here to provide the information that you need to successfully navigate the often times confusing journey of optimizing health, by making it a little less confusing!

It is my desire to provide you with the latest information and research on regaining and maintaining optimal health. As you explore Kaizen and the content made available here you'll begin to understand that optimal health is a journey and not a destination and you will learn what it takes to make your health goals a reality.

What is the practice of functional or natural medicine?

The practice of natural medicine is an evidence-based system of medicine based upon the body’s natural ability to heal. It is based on an individual’s unique body composition and the body’s ability to conquer disease and heal; utilizing the healing force of nature. 

A holistic system means that your healthcare practitioner is striving to get to the root cause of “dis-ease” and not merely temporarily relieving symptoms. She/he is seeking to gain an understanding of why you may be ill and how to restore balance in favor of health: Optimizing Health! Your practitioner may use a variety of safe, effective therapies and techniques such as nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, detoxification, acupuncture, physical medicine, and chiropractic care along your journey to Wellness.

Functional or Natural medicine has two primary areas of focus: to support/empower the body’s unique healing abilities in the process of recovery when disease is present, and to empower individuals to make lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible health (long-lasting vitality and gusto!). Ongoing education is vital to this process of obtaining Optimum Health. Total resolution of all disease may not be possible, but, obtaining your greatest potential is. It will require your active participation in this journey however to reach your goal.

 Remember: Natural medicine does not treat a specific disease. Its purpose is to correct biochemical, metabolic, and nutritional deficiencies in that way allow for optimal functioning of the organ systems and as a result the whole body.

Just treating the symptoms is not promoting health.  Disease does not just suddenly appear out of the blue; it develops gradually over time. Perhaps you noticed a recent CDC report that Americans continue to get less healthy.  

Avoid the things that rob you of health: Stealth infections, toxins such as heavy metals and environmental poisons in your food, air, and water and even your own personal care products. It is vital to provide the good things which promote health and correct imbalances, namely nutritional, homeopathic, or herbal supplementation.

Sickness and disease are not inevitable!  My research and experience have taught me this repeatedly. What we all need to remember is restore the body’ healing ability is the essence of true healthcare. 

Health Kaizen is dedicated to providing the information you need to become a Healthier you! That information  is just a click away!

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Patient Portal - “Aging Gracefully”

Weight Transformed video – explains weight loss and lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthy

  • Regular health blog on current topics and research.

  • 4 – 6 minute videos or just an MP3 version of Educational videos:

  • Topics will include:

    • What to expect on your first visit, prepares the patient for the steps necessary to regain and maintain

      • Why do I need to take supplements?

      • Fake food

      • How did I get to this condition?

      • Traditional healthcare vs. Functional

      • Why store-bought supplements are generally not worth the money

      • Reading labels – food and supplements

      • Why lab testing?

      • All the topics to aid you in managing your patients without all the time explaining!

  • A longer educational presentation – 45 minutes or so with downloadable notes. These will be coordinated with National Conditions of the Month. Plus all of the ones already recorded!

    • Cancer

    • Chronic diseases

    • Autoimmunity

    •  Eating healthy

    • ADD/ADHD

    • Thyroid


  • Chat room for questions and sharing – will be monitored by myself and staff regularly.


Healthy Recipes

Change your life by changing what you eat.

Check out our healthy recipes that will help transform your body into a new and improved you! 



First of all, thank you for  giving me the opportunity to enjoy this presentation. It is very well
done. I would love to take the information and put it to work in my life; but I am not ready.

Stress has taken a heavy tole on.

Sue H.

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